12 days to go

Dyoie to the World ;)

Just poppin in here real quick with a 12 Days of Christmas sale reminder; 5 days left in the sale. 12 days left til Christmas.

I am still taking orders for the wire name necklaces , but probably will stop on Monday or Tuesday. It has been an awesome 3 weeks of steadily wiring names. This year the most popular names are Payton, Haley, Danielle, and Sara. What I love most about making names is I never get bored. Plus I get to see all the different varieties and flavors of each name- I have wired Haley, Hailey, Haylee, Haly, and Hayley. I think the most unusual name I ever wired was “dyoie” ….and how about a little contest?  The first person to identify that name with its more common spelling will win a necklace of their own. Just post your answer in the comments below.

And with that I bid you adieu, adieu


ps-It took me days to figure out that name.