large stone cabochons

6th day of Christmas Sale

Thanks for stopping by for the 12 Days of Christmas Sale 

Today’s bargain(s) is a 6 month Jewelry Club membership in brass, Sterling Silver, and 14K Gold-filled.

Even before today’s sale these are an excellent bargain. But I did the math and gee willikers! this is an awesome deal no matter how you look at it.

If you buy the Brass membership, each piece costs a mere $12! The Silver membership breaks down to $20 each and the Gold membership $33 for each piece of jewelry. You won’t beat these prices anywhere, and I dare say, I thinks me a bit festive this holiday season. So take advantage of me while you can…hee hee

til tomorrow and my fav number 7


psst-my Etsy shop will have the same deal as soon as I get over there to announce it. Remember you always get the best deals here first 😉