black friday

Black Friday is Here!

Its here! Its time! Yippee!! *throws confetti*

Stand back folks…let me unlock the doors 😉 Just look at the rush of…well, um …IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?

Come on in for Black Friday, where all my big ticket items are on sale today, and today only.

If you’ve ever lusted after a painting, sculpture or wreath, today is the day to stomp on here and yank it out of someone else’s cart. I am encouraging feisty shopping techniques on this site.

This sale has not yet started on my Etsy site, so you are getting the early bird special here…but time is a tickin, and I have miles to go before I sleep.

See ya somewhere,


Have a Great Day shoppin, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow. Why? you ask? Because the 12 days of Christmas start tomorrow and you know what that means. You don’t? Well, you’ll have to come back tomorrow and find out, won’t you 😛