Freaky Friday Baby Poop?

It’s Freaky Friday around here and I think my babies are coming to life! Oh they look innocent enough, but don’t let that fool ya… something’s been going on here when I’m not lookin…and I had no idear it was even happening until I took Baby Lee for a photo shoot with miniature building blocks. See how sweet he looks?

Baby Lee with building blocks

Baby Lee with building blocks

Imagine my surprise when I lifted him out of the curio cabinet where he sleeps and THIS was under his blankie !

ER MER GERD! a baby poopie!

baby poopie

baby poopie

It kinda resembles the texture of clay…I guess, if a clay baby pooped it out 😀 I’m at a loss here. I habs no idear what? how? when? These babies are in an enclosed cabinet….do I need to install a nanny cam? is he a clay Pinocchio? are tiny diapers going to be an issue now?  Who knows, but one thing is for sure, Lee will now be going home with his newest accessory…cause I’m not cleanin up dat chit…hee hee

Ever had a piece come to life? do tell…

See ya tomorrow,



lee's poopie

Lee’s Poopie