Friday Finds – Baby Tutorial

baby patrick

Baby Patrick


Friday Finds is here and just what does it have to do with yesterday’s post, Find What You Love ?

One of my loves is polymer clay babies and lately I have been trying to replenish my stock. Through the years I have bought a dozen “how to” baby tutorials, some better than others. And I wanted to make solid clay babies in addition to the soft body babies I’d been doing. I did a search for tutorials…cause that’s just what I need , eh? a baker’s dozen of these tuts to finally get it right! 😀

Well lo and behold, just when I thought I would give up, I came across a tutorial for an adorable tummy pose baby…and since today is Friday Finds I’m going tell you where you can get this tutorial for yourself. This will take you directly to the Adorable Tummy Pose Sculpting Guide, but she has several tutorials on sculpting.

And since I will probably lose my audience now, cause I also got mesmerized on her site for hours….hee hee

Have a Great Friday and see you tomorrow for Silent Saturday