Funky Friday – Armwarmers

I LOVE Love love bright colors and tie dye and hippy psychedelic everything! And when I first started selling on Etsy, I saw a rare phenomenon. A thread on the forums with the title “She’s doing it again” made me click to see who ‘she’ was and what she was ‘doing again’…and so began my love affair with Katwise Recycled Sweater Clothing

She sews up a storm for weeks on end, and periodically announces the next sale date. She then lists all the creations – from Priestess coats/sweaters to dresses to hoodies on that date, at the specific time…and boy buddy you don’t want to be late because everything sells out in a flash…I’m talking she sells out in less than 15 minutes!

So imagine my delight when she announced a sale and I actually scored this pair of armwarmers! Yay! Finally have a Katwise creation and now you have the linky dink to go see for yerself all her awesomeness. Til tomorrow…where mums the word 😉