turkey in oven

Happy Thanksgiving ! (2014)

Hidey Ho, don’t be shy…come on in here. Happy Thanksgiving!

Now go and grab yerself a turkey leg to gnaw on whilst you gaze on my wares.

There’s something for everyone here –

Christmas Elves are just waiting to sit on a shelf or hang on your tree. Perfect for jazzing up the plate of cookies, Secret Santa gift…so many uses you’ll want to keep a couple extra around during the holidays.

Have you seen the One of a Kind Christmas Wreaths that even children love? When was the last time you saw a child “oh and ah” over a wreath?

And don’t forget to get your orders in for your Name Necklaces. You can’t go wrong with flattery. Any name or word in Brass,  Sterling Silver, or 14K gold-filled

FREE SHIPPING  on all orders over $25. Such a deal for you! (use coupon code ” TGiving” at checkout)

Happy Turkey eating and happy shopping