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How to Make Mini Greenhouses

In my neck of the desert, we can’t safely plant til Memorial Day, and even then, 1 year I got froze out and lost 100 plants. I don’t care for walls o water…and besides who has 300 of those on hand? yeah, I plant big when I garden…normally 30-40 tomato plants, a couple hundred peppers + all the usuals -squash, zucchini, radishes, lettuce, carrots….Er Mer Gerd! If you’ve never had a homegrown carrot, you really don’t know what a carrot tastes like….but I digress…

So in an attempt to get a jump start this season, I got out some supplies the ol man made me buy years ago. (Truth is we never saw eye to eye on gardening and we fought like cats and dogs over the watering) So with a seedling heat mat, thermostat controller for it, and a gazillion heirloom seeds that are over 7 yrs old, I started sprouting. My germination rate was about 75%  and now I am running out of room, and the plants need to be hardened off. Most have outgrown their peat pots as you can see…anyone got some extra yogurt or cottage cheese containers?…hee hee

plants under lights

plants under lights

This is where the plastic bins all come into play. The pinky ones are all from hospital stays (lord knows I collected enough of them) , the clear ones are from bulk meat packages, and H2o bottles. I used to get the stink eye for keeping such things. But HEY! I might use them some day…and actually right now, I could use some more! LOL

Using the pink bins for larger/taller plants

plastic junk

and the clear ones for lids

covered bins

The shorter plants can fit in the smaller bins

smaller plants

covered smaller bin


I cut the bottom off water bottles

cut water bottle

And covered taller plants

bottles over plants

And for the last week or so the plants have been outdoors enjoying the sunshine in their mini greenhouses 🙂

mini greenhouses

mini greenhouses

Life is good, and I shall have a garden this year… which reminds me of my New Year’s Word…’produce’. Seems to be workin 😉

Til next time,