christmas tree

Last Minute Christmas Mania

Just checking in here to say all the items in the Get These B4 Christmas can still be delivered by Christmas Eve…BUT the cutoff will absolutely be tomorrow (Tues,12/22) at 2pm MST. I have small town PO here and we don’t have the big city hours + we are expecting snow. So don’t wait til the last second, or I might not make it. PO guarantees 2 day delivery, and its true. I shipped a painting to Washington DC on Friday and they got this morning.

Hope all your holiday shopping went well. If you are waiting on a package from me, they were all shipped and are en route. I just checked a great deal of your tracking’s and most have been delivered or are in your area and you will get them tomorrow.

Thank you so much everyone…its been awesome…and now I am setting up to take local orders. I am going to advertise on a couple of local FB pages and see how it goes….never done this before so this shall be interesting….til tomorrow