Wired Moody words

Monday Moodies

Its the Monday mornin moodies…Seems like there’s all kinds of ‘tudes’ out there this mornin.

I thought the day started off quite awesome, but I’m beginning to feel a bit snarky as I check in with a few Monday morning crabbies.

Maybe today would be the perfect day to announce your mood right from the git go. Warn them right off the bat ‘don’t mess with me today, I iz havin a cranky attack’

Whatever your mood, I can wire it in brasssilver, or gold…and because today started out so moody, how about I cheer us all up with a sale? Thru midnight tonight any mood necklace-brass,sterling, or gold will be discounted 25% when you use coupon code Monday Mood.

What is a mood necklace? any word that describes how you’re feeling- lucky, awesome, free, single, wild, crazy, sneaky, happy, skeptic, sweet, dreamy, curious, flirty…the possibilities are endless. Leave me a note at the checkout or contact me and I’ll be happy to wire whatever moody word you’d like. I think I’ll go wire ‘biotch’ now and get that out of my system 😉

Have a Great Day everyone,


ps. there is still a few hours left on the Sunday Night Special if you missed it last night…and such a deal it is-over $25 in freebies!