Monday Musings – Polymer Bug

Sooo… last night I had a clay date with me girlfriend who is wanting to learn ‘everything polymer clay’  *chuckles*  You experienced clayers know what I’m talkin about. She’s got the polymer bug BIG TIME 😀

I told her to bring her clay, tools, and pasta machine. I had to LOL when she showed up with a goodly sized plastic tote that took both of us to carry downstairs to my workshop. And then we got to caning. First we made skinner blends, turned them into bull’s eye canes and then used those to make petal canes…which probably later on today we’ll turn into flower canes or maybe even just flowers. We had so much fun that when she left at nearly 1 a.m. I was disappointed we had to stop and get some sleep.

polymer clay canes

polymer clay canes

Both of us woke up in fantastical moods today… and it has left me thinking about offering classes. I’ve been told more than once I should teach. I never thought it would be fun….until last night…something more for my muse to think about…

So how did your week start? Drop me a line; I’d love to hear from YOU..that’s right I’m talkin to you 😛

See ya tomorrow,