Monday Tuesday

Comin in late with this post; its really Tuesday, the day after, and I’m finding it extremely difficult to  think about much more than my throbbing ankle/foot. If you saw my post Freaky Friday-No Good Deed Goes Unpunished you know the background.

♫♪♫ The ol grey mare just ain’t what she used to be….♫♪♫ I’m into day 5, my popeye foot is currently black and purple, and nice variable shades of purple I may add, and is still about twice its normal size. Some speculated it may be broke, and I must admit, there was a time or two I wondered meself, so I went online because hey that’s the best source of medical opinions, right? 😀 Who wants to pay for a Dr. when you can horrify yourself with internet prognosis?

After watching ALL 8 seasons of House I feel thoroughly qualified to give diagnoses (stay tuned-I’m currently watching Ally McBeal and will soon be able to give my expert legal advice and fantasize at the same time) So I kept telling meself “its only a sprain, its only a sprain, you’ve got to put ice on it” K, that only took 20 minutes to retrieve ice pack from the freezer….but oh yes some blessed relief and then 20 minutes to put the pack back in freezer !… gah! it seemed a de-feeting purpose ( i crack me up, don’t i?) I thought of laying on the kitchen floor so I wouldn’t have to move far…

and then one thought led to another…the only person who knew (or cared) had left town with the offer of crutches (which I had declined,because nah I dont’ need those, yeah right!) and now I’m stuck with cane that isn’t meant to act as a crutch, hobbling cursing each hop/shuffle…oh me gosh what if its broke and they find me in here with a gangrene leg? and I’m almost out of cat food! ER MER GERD *Cat Lady Consumed by Felines* At one point I contemplated carrying a box of graham crackers to bed, in case I couldn’t make it back to the kitchen ever again! LOL death by graham crackers-“she morphed into cardboard”….oh yes I have an active imagination 🙂

If nothing else I lost 5 lbs not being able to skip on downstairs for a piece of toast…every 30 minutes! As it stands now…well it kinda stands. I can take baby steps with the foot flat or can hobble at good pace if tippy-toed. I’ve diagnosed it to be a class 3 sprain according to some chart I saw somewhere online (its official, right?) Am continuing to treat it with rice, a well known practice excuse me, I mean R.I.C.E 😉 Rest Ice Compression Elevation.

And if any of this helps you, well you’re crazier than I am and please leave a comment so I have proof! 😀

Hey! Go have a Great Day!