Monday’s Meanderings – Getting Organized

My new years word-organize

New Years Word “Organize”

I’m on a roll now…I think…I hope…..!

I have tried the blogging thing in the past and was not consistent. (if you’re so inclined, my old blog link)

But with this years new years word, “organize”, looming in my head…well, maybe looming is exaggerating it a bit…..okay the whole ‘organize thing’ is a bit challenging for me…and sometimes I think why oh why did I pick this word and then publish it for the whole world to see?

Anywho, I’ve been trying to stay a few days ahead in blogging…and I’d like to say that I’ve organized my thoughts so that posts are scheduled at least 3 days in advance…but I can’t….not yet…still working on the organize thing. but hey its only the beginning of May…I’ve got 8 more months for this word to gnaw on me…hee hee

Til tomorrow’s Two for Tuesday 😉