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Bobble Head Doctor with Baby Bundle


Doctor Bobble Head with Baby Bundle

6″ tall

Product Description

Here’s a chance to give your Doctor or colleague the bestest gift ever  and who doesn’t want themselves immortalized as a bobble head?

I sculpt your head realistically using professional doll maker’s clay and glass eyes. Hair will be closely matched and chosen from my supply of alpaca, llama, mohair, angora, wool, etc…If subject’s hair is shaved or nearly, hair will be painted.

Small caricature body will be attached to heavy base…cause you KNOW you ‘re gonna poke him over and over again. Your bobble head and base has an internal construction of wire and wire mesh armature; rock hard epoxy base felt covered bottom and will be signed and dated.
Typical total finished sculpt will be approximately 6 inches tall and wide and weighs between 1- 2 pounds.

At the very MINIMUM I will need these 3 pics:

1. clear front shot of the subject’s face
2. good profile shot…this is a must! Exactly a side on profile shot.
3. backside of head-this is particularly important if the person is bald(ing)

And please do not reduce image size drastically before sending. I need to be able to blow up images to see details.

After you have these 3 pics together…read on…

Price in this listing is for a detailed face to look like your subject,  attached to a small caricature Doctor’s white coat, carrying a baby bundle on a sturdy base.

Please allow 3 weeks creation time. (usually done in 7-11 days, but I allow time for life happenings and/or email delays)

You may find how far in advance I am booked by checking my Contact Me page. If I am booked it will say how long in advance.

As always, thank you for taking the time to look at my creations ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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