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Jewelers Brass Silver Gold Polishing Cloth


Jeweler’s Brass Silver Gold Polishing Cloth

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Product Description

This is what I use to shine up your jewelry before sending it out the door to you. 

Jeweler’s polishing cloth will keep your brass,silver,and gold shining like new
Remove tarnish and polish with the inner white cloth…buff to a shimmering shine with the outer blue cloth 

Stitching up the middle seam keeps the white cloth securely attached inside the blue outer cloth cover.

PLUS it comes in its own ziploc carrying case…so convenient to slip right in your purse or wallet ready for that on-the-go spot shining.

Size is 4″ x 6″ …folded, it measures 3″ x 4″ 

NEVER wash polishing cloth EVER. You will wash the polishing compound out of the fabric.
But in case you do, you can always come back and buy another one from me 😉


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