Sunday Night Special – Military Hero Remembrance

Military sculpture side view

Military sculpture with black boots

Here it is, time again for the Sunday Night Special…

Something was tickling at me to offer a special on these Military Remembrance Sculptures.

Military branch flags (army, navy, marine, air force, coast guard) are available instead of the American flag.

tri color boot sculpture side view

Tri color boot sculpture


Rather than go on and on about them, I will offer the links and you can read the details on each, to decide which one would be right for you.

This one features the plain black boots 

This option has the tri-colored boots

Sculpts are made to order, so if you want your boots in a different color, its not a problem.


And without further ado, here’s your Sunday Night Special ….. for the next 24hrs (or so) use coupon code ” Boots ” and you will get free shipping. Such a deal for you!

Memorial Day is quickly approaching; remember – book early to avoid disappointment.

Thanks for stoppin by….see me tomorrow. I habs no idear what Monday will bring.