Sunday Night Special – New Penguin Smiles

You heard it here first…new penguins will be born tonight!

As soon as it cools off here in the desert, I will firing up the oven. Tomorrow, if all goes well, we will have at least 3 new additions to the Penguin Smiles Collection- Major Tom,the astronaut…  Lolli, and her all day suckers…and The Soup Nazi. What kind of madness is happening here? We don’t know, but its been fun! 😀

So tonight’s Sunday Night Special will be half off shipping for any penguin. No need for coupons. All the work’s been done for you; so, go pick out your favorite Penguin Smile. Better yet, get him a friend-2 ship for the price of one, and by the end of the week, your newest friends will be giving you smiles 🙂

And just in case one of you wants to spring on the unseen newbies coming, you can contact me for holding.

See ya tomorrow,