Sunday Night Special – Dec. 2014

Sunday Night Special Wreath

Sunday Night Special Wreath

Pssst You!  Yeah YOU!!…I got something for ya…Come on in and take a looksie.

Sunday evenings here at CindiRae’s I host a Sunday Night Special where you can pick up an awesome deal.

Whilst everyone else is taking their Sunday afternoon nap or watching sports or Nascar on TV, I decided to offer the rest of you a bargain…and what a bargain it is tonight!

This Sunday Night Special is FREE SHIPPING on any wreath! I make a limited number of these each year, as you can see… and to entice you even further…

Oh my gosh! how much better can it get, Cindi? 

WELL! Besides the Free Shipping, for the next 24 hrs, when you purchase one of my OOAK (One of a Kind) Heirloom wreaths (because you will save this baby year after year-yep, its that awesome!)…anywho back to my long drawn offer… you will also receive a FREE Christmas Elf !

I told you it was an awesome deal! Free Shipping! Free Elf! That is over $25 in freebies. To take advantage of this fantastical special, use coupon code SNS Wreath. And remember this deal only lasts for 24 hrs. Monday evening it will be gone.

I like to start my week off with a bang, so every Sunday Night there will be another special to take advantage of. Be sure to bookmark my website or check back often. You just never know what kind of craziness I’ll be up to 🙂



tomorrow is Monday Moodies…

what does that mean? come back and find out 😉