Sunday Special – Christmas in July / August

Yes, its been awhile since I blogged. Nobody hollered, so I’ve been sequestered in the elf workshop making different colors of elves.

purple elf 24 face

purple elf 24

This week’s Sunday Special is really a month long special! Such a deal for you! It took me longer than anticipated to get all the Christmas elves listed on site, so I’ve extended the Christmas in July sale thru the end of August.

Don’t be fooled, my Christmas elves are multi-talented…and can handle a variety of tasks. I have loads of thank yous from satisfied customers…but lately, I’ve been getting thank you’s from the elves themselves and I thought I’d pass along some success stories:

“Thanks so much for sending me to the Jo**n’s; I have had so much fun in the Elf on a Shelf photo shoots”

“… just writing to say thank you for the awesome gig here; they let me sit on a ginormous plate of cookies…nom noms..”

I was the surprise at the office… and as luck would have it, I was the only elf!  all the girls wanted to touch and hold me…thank you for making an elf’s dream come true”

“thank you from the bottom of my box…its just like living in the forest hanging in a pine tree”

As you can see a fun time is had by all.

I think I’ve covered every color of the rainbow including the traditional Christmas red/green elves.

Til tomorrow,


p.s. If you don’t find your fav color, send me a message. I love custom orders.