Sunday Special – Wreaths and Elves and Snowmen, Oh my!

Today’s Sunday special is….Wreaths and Elves and Snowmen, Oh My!!

Merry Christmas wreath

Merry Christmas Wreath

The mystery and allure of wrapped packages. Is there anything more seductive? What ‘precious precious’ could be waiting….oooh the anticipation….

wreath joy details

wreath joy details

A gazillion miniature faux gifts, each individually wrapped and tied with bows.

I only have two wreaths left at the moment, and I’d love to have a reason to make some more…I go into a zen state when making them…Ohmmmmm

Your super dooper special is…..(may I have a drum roll please)

With the purchase of a wreath (which have been reduced $10) you will get a free Jingle Elf or a pair of Snowmen Ornaments. If you have a preference, leave me a note at the checkout

I’ll let this offer run thru the week, cause to be honest, Hello Universe-R U listening? I could REALLY use the sales…thank you

Til next time