midnight approaching clock

TGIF, eh?

Most folks are breathing a sigh of relief…its Friday! …and they go home and rest. For me, Friday means more people will be online doing last minute shopping. I still have the 12 Days of Christmas sale going on til Dec. 18.

At this time of year I am always in a quandry-when to stop taking custom orders. I’ve know its been said before, but this time of year these wire name necklaces are absolutely my best seller. You just can’t go wrong with a person’s name.

But I spend more time answering the same question “Do I still have time to get it by Christmas”? As of 12/11/15 , 11 a.m. MST, the answer is yes. But the clock is ticking, so don’t wait too long. Some people order 6 at a time and when that starts happening, the deadline looms ever closer.

All orders I have right now will ship on Monday, 14th, and even though I ship Priority I have had 2 packages take the long way and ended up taking 5 days instead of 2-3. So if I keep that in mind, the time is coming close when I have to not take the online orders.

This year I am contemplating doing local orders thru a active local FB site….but that’s a story for a later day.

And I have many wires to go before I sleep 😉

Thank you everyone,


ps I wonder how others make this determination of when to quit taking orders? Leave me a comment.  I’d love to hear different idears on this…or even that someone other than the spam bots are reading this blog…hee hee