clouds with question mark

Thursday’s Thoughts on Baby Parts

Yesterday’s post, Parts is Parts, showed various stages of tiny polymer clay babies. And I had a brilliant idear for today’s post concerning the body parts. Unfortunately I didn’t type up an outline or even jot down a few lines. So now I am kicking meself in the arse, since this is the 2nd time this has happened this month.

Perhaps if I call myself out on this annoying behavior, I will avoid this issue the next time I think I can rely of the memory banks of Cindi’s brain.

Wondering if I keep typing here, the idear will re-epiphany itself into my grey brain matter? I was on a roll Wednesday morning. I got all my blog categories arranged, mail answered, orders ready to ship and an important letter sent to a special someone *sigh*…and I do believe after that, my mind went into the clouds.

Whatever my idear was, it has not shaken free from the cobwebs….and so today’s thought must be:

Write terrific idears down before they escape memory.

Until tomorrow, have a fantastical day 😉