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To Be Human

Well, it happened. And I can only guesstimate ‘how’. I really don’t know how many wire name necklaces I have made this season. I haven’t had the time to take a count. Just know that it has been in the 100’s, I think over 300, at this point. (hee hee Wade M, I am in your truck) I’ve had to order supplies 3 X since November! So its been an awesome year for names. Enter the snafu, kink, foible, if you will…

I was checking the last minute orders before closing and got an email from a customer who had received someone else’s order…oh noooos! me worst nightmare! Soooooo embarrassed, mortified…aaaccck!

I immediately told him I would send another in the morning, and notified the 2nd party (who still has yet to respond at all) I guess I needed a reality check as it gets closer to Christmas to pay better attention. I’m glad it happened when there was still time to send a replacement.

So out there in the world is a Margie and a Georgia without their intended homes. Hey, it coulda been worse…in that same shipment a necklace went out that said “Asshole” I’m lmao just musing at how I was saved from that mixup.

Thanks Universe,


ps. just a couple more days left in the 12 Days of Christmas Sale. I have it on good authority, everything can still get there by Christmas.