Too Tuesday – Too Ugly Chimney Fix

Last week’s post, the Too Ugly Chimney has led to:

the ugly chimney fix…..may I have a drum roll please? (RRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….)

♫♪♫ Ta Da ♫♪♫

Purple chimney!

chimney top

purple chimney top

Back in the day, a big pipe used to fit in that covered hole when it was hooked up to a stove…but its not going to look like that for long…

chimney after painting

bottom of chimney

The chimney is most happy now. I can’t begin to describe how the atmosphere in here has changed. More soothing, relaxing, and comfortable. Wonder what a feng shui expert would say about it?

Ima thinkin a purple vinegar paint on that wood frame oughta set it off just right. And just you wait and SEEeeeeeeee what it going on that round purple pearl spot up top.

Iz a woman gone wild inside da house, I still haz purple paint galore, and there ain’t a man around to stop me. Bwhahahahahahaaaa If you only knew the plans I have *wrings hand with glee*

Hey come back tomorrow and I’l show you a sneak peak at what’s going on that chimney circle…

Til then,