Tuesday’s Tutorial – Huarache Sandals

A quick visual tutorial of huarache sandals I made for a sculpt. I think this is pretty self explanatory; if you have trouble following, let me know….begin with baked feet

Foot size sandal

The foot; the sandal; the size

cut strips and weave

cut thin strips and weave

sandal top

top of sandal

trim strips

TrimĀ FrontĀ Strips and tuck under

sandal back

back of sandal

back strips weaved with front

weave remaining front side strips with back strips

all s trips woven

all strips woven, trimmed and, tucked under

sandal soles

sandal sole-brown layer under foot,black sole on bottom

finished feet with sandals

finished feet with sandals

and for extra added pizzazz, I imprinted the soles with tread

sandal sole relflection

mirror reflection of sandal tread

And here is the finished sculpt:

mexican dude with serape-sculpture

Mexican figurine with serape

I much prefer making bare/sandal feet over shoes…how about you? Hope you enjoyed seeing how these were made. See ya tomorrow where I’ll show off the work on my easel!


…and I don’t do that very often; so you better be here!