Gold sculpted cabochons

Tuesday’s How-to

Tuesdays are reserved for a variety of to two too’s…or maybe even a tu-torial…hee hee. Good thing I’m here to crack me up. Is anybody out there reading this?

So here is today’s Tuesday’s How To:

Want to know how to get that really glassy shine on your polymer clay cabochons?

You don’t have to have a buffer; it is possible to get that glassy shine by hand and here’s how:

After baking your cabochons the first time, do your sanding as usual up to 800 grit (I normally don’t go beyond that) THEN coat your cab with clear Kato Liquid Polymer Clay and re-bake.

Most times the cabs come right out of the oven with the glassy shine at this point; but every now and then, I have to re-sand with the 800 grit, add another  coat of the Kato Liquid Polymer Clay, and rebake. Definitely should have the shine when you pull it out of the oven now. And No buffing required.

Let me know how you shine things up. I’d love to hear from you.

Until tomorrow’s Work-In-Progress Wednesday ,