Doll Stethoscope Miniature
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Doll Stethoscope Miniature Doctor Nurse


A 3 inch, doll-sized stethoscope to dress up a Doctor or Nurse doll.
For use with fashion, Barbie dolls, or any such size dolls.

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Product Description

Here is a doll sized stethoscope to dress up a Nurse or Doctor doll.
These work perfect with fashion, Barbie dolls, or any such sized dolls.

Stethoscope measures 3.5 inches. 

Tiny rubber tubing is attached to small wires, so the stethoscope is flexible ; it widens to fit your dolls head and will sit in the dolls ears OR can be hung around the neck  just as a real stethoscope.

Shown pictured with a Blythe doll and also a  Doctor Bobblehead. Dolls are not included, they are models only.

Occasionally, I have been asked to make these smaller or larger.

I am able to make them smaller, but will need measurements of the size needed.

As far as making them larger, I am limited by how much I can extend the length before the tubing looks like an inadequate size.

I hope that makes sense. (I do not have larger supplies to make larger sized realistic looking stethoscopes)


As always, thank you for taking the time to visit my site ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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