My new years word-organize

Thursday Thoughts – New Year’s Word

Well, here it is halfway through January and I am just now publishing my first January post ?! My computer took a dump just before Christmas last year…gah!!!…but I’m am so thankful it lasted through the holiday rush….and even more thankful to have it back and working tip top. Special thank you to the bestest gurus EVER at Newest Computers, Inc. Thanks Al, Shawn and a special shout out to the Fredster ♥

Anywho, if you have been around me on New Year’s, you know I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. Instead I focus on a ‘word’ for the year. This way, I have no worries about resolution let downs, no guilt trips, and all during the year, I reflect positively on my ‘resolution word’ every time it manifests in my life.

In the past, words I’ve chosen have included: abundance, believe, build, comfort, and faith. I look forward to choosing my word each year and usually have a list of possibilities going by the last week in December.

Instead of looking forward with dread on what my resolutions will be, I get excited as to what new word will I choose. I know that whatever word I choose, I will be presented with all kinds of opportunities to acknowledge its presence in my life. I hope to share this with you in the coming year.

This year I have chosen the word ‘organize’. I can see how this word will be seeping into all areas of my life, cause I needs me some organization…organize my files, my thoughts, my work areas, my budget, my house, my business, My blog! ….the possibilities for this word to present itself in my life are endless….because well..that pic up there is one I took last night in my basement just before writing this post.
It’s already begun with me re-organizing “the dark side of the basement” after a few plumbing disasters last year. I’ve organized the extra bedroom into my new painting room. I shall post pics when I get my photos organized….ha ha ha

See how that works?

Til tomorrow’s ‘Friday Finds’ (wait til you see what I have found)

Take care and Have a Great Day!